Your personal brand is what sets you apart from everyone else and is the foundation for all your future opportunities. 

— Sallie Krawcheck

In 2023, a personal brand is a MUST. 

This is the roadmap, accountability, and authentic guidance you've been looking for.

You: Ready to WOW on panels. 

You: Clearly visible in your space. 

You: Confidently engaging on LinkedIn. 

Your thought leadership is in the room before you walk in

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On the other side of thought leadership, leveraging a strong personal brand, is the life you want to create.

The problem IS NOT your lack of desire to put yourself out there. 

You’re stuck. One of these tough barriers is keeping you from engaging:

  1. Fear of what others will think of you, missteps, uncertainty - frozen.
  2. Unsure you have anything original, valuable to offer
  3. Following someone’s (expensive) formula - the hacks, tricking algorithms wasn’t authentic or enjoyable. AND - it didn’t work.
  4. You just need a simple framework to follow
  5. Or you still have (like me) a difficult time sitting down to focus on this because you’re doing a million things.
  6. You’re burned out. With little to give, you can’t fathom trying to add this onto your plate.

Guidance. Accountability. Community.


What is expected of cohort members?

You are expected to rearrange your schedule for sessions. You are expected to participate, whether you're in makeup or sweats. Come as you are. But show up. Take the reins to your life and calendar. There’s a reason this is bootcamp. The other ways simply won't give you the results you're after. 

"I'm not sure I have the energy or time for a commitment to build my brand."

Often, we don't have the choice to wait for energy to manifest. There could be a time that feels easier - after this sports season, after that new boss is onboarded, after your new role is fleshed out, or after your parent is healthy. There may be times when burdens ease, and time presents itself. Leaders simply grow busier, and life more complex as time goes by. There may not be an ideal time, and the time to start is right now. 

"I am not sure I'm ready to be seen as a thought leader right now."

My favorite testimony from a client has been that her purpose has felt revived through her thought leadership. She remembered why she started this work. This will revive the joy of your work, and expand your horizons and opportunities. You will be fueled by the knowledge that you're helping, mentoring the generation coming behind you, and securing your future by growing your influence and network.

"I haven't had success building my personal brand and thought leadership in the past. How will this time be any different?"

This is not uncommon, sadly. People promise the world. What I promise is this - You weren't at the heart of past failed efforts. Promises that will let you down in thought leadership and personal brand include 'Formulas' for LinkedIn success and hacking algorithms. Fast results. Crafting a 'perfect' profile that wasn't really you. Strategies devoid of purpose or that don't engage your personal objectives. This time, you're in great company, with someone who is doing this same work herself - and will show, when, why to show up authentically

Let's build a strong foundation in community. 

Personal Brand Bootcamp workshops:

Personal brand:

  • Workshop: Define your personal brand 
  • Leveraging your personal brand through your thought leadership

Thought Leadership:

  • Defining your thought leadership platform


  • Hands-on workshop to create and refine a strong, authentic profile
  • Confidently engage & creating content


  • Keynote development workshop
  • Be the best guest: Optimize your podcast guest speaking, interviewing, panels


Cohort members will join me as a guest on my podcast, How To: Thought Leadership! (Optional, of course. But amazing practice.)

Included in Personal Brand Bootcamp:

  • Once-weekly interactive bootcamp sessions on Tuesday evenings. 
  • Once-weekly office hours on Fridays over 8 weeks. 
  • Direct support on your LinkedIn profile, content, personal brand elements.
  • Recordings stored for your reference into the future.
  • Workshop materials & worksheets
  • Accountability, hands-on guidance, real support for you to transform.

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